Yale EMS Leadership

2017 Executive Board

Chief of Service:  Tianna Zhou ’18, Email:  tianna.zhou@yale.edu

Chief of Operations:  August Allocco ’18, Email:  august.allocco@yale.edu

Interim Lieutenant of Operations:  Hallie Gaitsch ’19, Email:  hallie.gaitsch@yale.edu

Lieutenant of Operations:  Chai Kim ’19, Email:  chaihyun.kim@yale.edu

Lieutenant of Education:  Sarah Oyadomari ’18, Email:  sarah.oyadomari@yale.edu

Board of Advisors

Paul Genecin, M.D.
Director, Yale Health

Michael Rigsby, M.D.
Medical Director, Yale Health

Shaun Heffernan, EMT-P, EMS-I (EMT Course Instructor)
Assistant Chief & Fire Marshall, Branford Fire Department, Branford, CT

Maria Lavandier Bouffard, CEM, CBCP
Office of Emergency Management

Melanie McCloskey, MSN, RN, BC
Assistant Director, Specialty Care Services, Yale Health

Theresa French
Financial Analyst, Finance & Business Operations, Yale Health