Membership in Yale EMS

YEMS is dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care and emergency medical services to the Yale community. In order to work EMS standby shifts as a full member of a crew, YEMS members must meet all compliance requirements listed below and maintain good standing as members of YEMS.

Good standing requirements

In order to work EMS standby shifts as a full member of a crew, you must be a member in good standing with YEMS. To be in good standing, you must hold current State of Connecticut certification as an EMT as well as current National Registry certification at the EMT-Basic level and must satisfy all YEMS compliance requirements outlined below. Members must also be familiar with and abide by the YEMS Standard Operating Procedures available for review on the YEMS internal group management website. In order to maintain good standing and active membership status in YEMS, you must sign up for a minimum number of scheduled shifts at the beginning of each semester and must attend regularly-scheduled continuing education and practical skills review sessions held by the Executive Board once a month.

Compliance requirements

1. EMT certification

You must hold current State of Connecticut certification as an EMT (with a valid CT certification number)   and be registered with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). Graduates of the EMT class should schedule their state practical exam (which is independently administered at several locations throughout Connecticut) as soon as possible. After passing the Connecticut state practical exam, you will be cleared to take the NREMT written exam, which can be taken at any Pearson VUE testing center throughout the nation. Upon passing the NREMT written exam, you will receive an NREMT number and will be issued State of Connecticut EMT certification by the state Office of EMS.

2. Membership Application

Complete the YEMS Membership Application here. If you have questions, contact Tianna Zhou, Chief of Service, at

3. Read the YEMS Standard Operating Procedures and Bylaws

Available for review on the YEMS internal group management website at

4. State and University Compliance Requirements

The following compliance requirements are mandated by Yale University and/or the State of Connecticut Office of EMS and are required for all YEMS members. Most requirements can be managed and completed online through the Yale training website at (login with your Yale NetID). All of these requirements need only be completed once, except where otherwise stated. You must send proof of completion for each course and a copy of your training transcript to August Allocco, Chief of Operations, at

Online Training


  • PPD (TB skin test): required annually, available at Yale Health free of charge for YEMS members
  • MMR
  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis B

HEPA Mask Fitting

  • You must be fitted for a HEPA mask by Yale Environmental Health & Safety. Schedule a mask fitting through the Yale training site.

5. emsCharts account (after completion of Steps 1-4 above)

Following completion of Steps 1-4 above, you will be eligible to begin field training shifts with a supervising EMT. Contact to request a login and account for emsCharts, our e-PCR software; you will learn how to use emsCharts during your field training shifts.

6. Field Training Shifts

You must work a minimum of three field training shifts with a Supervising EMT (a member of the Executive Board or a similarly qualified EMT designated by the Executive Board), during which time you will receive experience in working with patients, checking and preparing equipment, radio operations, and electronic run form documentation using emsCharts Mobile.

Shift scheduling is conducted online through the YEMS members website at, where you can view all available shifts and manage the crews assigned to each. To request a user login and account, contact

Each member undergoing field training will be assigned to a member of the Executive Board, and you will be required to successfully and satisfactorily handle a minimum of three calls, which will be assessed by the supervising EMT on your shift and reviewed with your assigned member of the Executive Board. When your supervising EMT feels confident in your ability to handle calls (following at least three shifts and at least three patient contacts), the Executive Board will vote to induct you as a full member of YEMS.

7. YEMS Uniform

When you have been cleared from field training, you will be issued a YEMS uniform shirt. The uniform shirt must be worn with full-length navy blue work pants (no jeans, shorts, or sweatpants; EMS pants are strongly recommended) and dark closed-toe boots (EMS boots recommended). For new members who plan to work shifts on a regular basis, or those who wish to volunteer with a local EMS ambulance service, it is strongly advised that you purchase a good pair of EMS pants and boots, which can be ordered online or through a handful of nearby public safety supply stores; contact any member of the Executive Board for more information. In the event of cold or inclement weather, YEMS high-visibility jackets are available in the equipment room to be used during your shift and returned to the room at the end of your shift.

8. Continuing Education and Training Requirements

All full members of YEMS are required to undergo continuing education and training requirements in order to maintain good standing. Continuing education involves two distinct elements: call reviews, and practical skills reviews. Both are held on a monthly basis at required YEMS membership meetings; contact to request a specific topic or call to be reviewed at the next session. YEMS employs a stringent quality assurance process through which all electronic patient run forms must pass, and a member of the Executive Board reviews every electronic chart before advancing it to the regional level. The Executive Board will flag items in your chart that require your attention or need to be addressed and will take further action as necessary.