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Yale EMS provides full BLS-level EMS standby coverage for athletic events (numerous club sports, varsity hockey, and basketball) and special events such as the Fall Show and annual YSO Halloween Show on campus. All YEMS crews are staffed by members who hold state EMT certification and meet stringent state and university requirements, and each crew is fully-equipped with complete medical equipment and supplies, communications, and e-PCR capability. YEMS can also work with your organization or office to design and implement the best EMS coverage plan for your particular needs. For more information about YEMS, please see the Frequently Asked Questions under the About Us page or contact

If you are a club sport…

Contact the club sports intern to set up EMS coverage for your season. YEMS works directly with the club sports office to schedule EMS standby shifts and coordinate resources. Yale club sports regulations generally require that any club sports tournament with three or more participating schools, as well as all games in certain contact sports, require EMS standby.

If you are not a club sport…

Please contact August Allocco, Chief of Operations, at