Opportunities as a YEMS Member

YEMS member EMTs are eligible to work in any or all the following capacities.

Work YEMS standby shifts as a paid EMT

YEMS members in good standing who meet all compliance requirements above are eligible to work as a paid EMT at any of the large number of standby shifts that YEMS covers on the Yale campus, typically in the form of club sports games and campus events. This a great opportunity to gain experience working with patients as well as dealing with challenging situations. All shift scheduling and crew management is conducted electronically through the YEMS members website at groupspaces.com/yems.

Work as a paid assistant instructor for the EMT class

All YEMS members who have passed their state practical exam are eligible to help teach and demonstrate practical skills to the current EMT class. The class has practical skills training sessions scheduled throughout the semester in conjunction with the lecture part of the class, and YEMS members are eligible to serve as paid assistant instructors at these sessions by teaching the skills and serving as mock patients. YEMS members also serve as practical skills evaluators and mock patients at all practical skills exams that the EMT class takes each semester. EMT class dates, instructors, and details are managed electronically through the YEMS members website at groupspaces.com/yems.

Become a CPR instructor

YEMS teaches CPR, First Aid, and AED certification classes at all levels for members of YEMS, Yale University, and a variety of Yale organizations as well as private organizations and individuals. YEMS members who hold current CPR instructor certification from the AAOS Emergency Care and Safety Institute are eligible to serve as paid CPR instructors at YEMS-run classes. For YEMS members who wish to obtain CPR instructor certification, YEMS offers a one-weekend, 16-hour CPR instructor certification class each year. You must be a member in good standing for at least one semester, and the cost of the course will be fully covered by YEMS on the condition that you agree to serve as an instructor for at least one CPR class per semester on behalf of YEMS at the normal pay rate.

Ride for a volunteer EMS agency: Trumbull Emergency Medical Services

Trumbull EMS is the volunteer EMS agency serving the city of Trumbull, CT, located near Bridgeport approximately 30 minutes from Yale’s campus by car. Trumbull EMS is a great place to volunteer. The organization has a large and diverse membership who help cover over 4200 emergency calls each year, transports patients to hospitals throughout the region. The organization is adding new pieces of equipment to its fleet and it provides free monthly training to all of its members. Adult volunteers are welcome to ride any time, day or night. The minimum volunteer requirement at Trumbull EMS is a very manageable 24 hours per month. A number of YEMS members, including most of the Executive Board, volunteers with Trumbull EMS. For more information, please contact tianna.zhou@yale.edu.