Yale EMS Leadership

2022 Executive Board

Chief: Christy Zheng ’23, Email:  christy.zheng@yale.edu

Deputy Chief of Service:  Maggie Kirtley ’23, Email:  maggie.kirtley@yale.edu

Deputy Chief of Operations:  Andrew Du ‘24, Email: andrew.du@yale.edu

Lieutenant of Operations:  Crystal Xu ’23, Email:  crystal.xu@yale.edu

Lieutenant of Education:  Xinyu Chen ’23, Email:  xinyu.chen@yale.edu

Lieutenant of Membership: Hannah Shi ’23, Email: hannah.shi@yale.edu


Board of Advisors

Christine Chen, M.D.
Chief of Student Medicine, Yale Health

Daniel Joseph, M.D.
Medical Director, Yale Health

Shaun Heffernan, EMT-P, EMS-I (EMT Course Instructor)
Assistant Chief & Fire Marshall, Branford Fire Department, Branford, CT

George Hines
Director, Office of Emergency Management

Lindsay Azulay, RN
Clinical Manager, Student Health, Yale Health

Neal Taylor
Financial Director, Yale Health