Yale Emergency Medical Services (YEMS) is both a registered Yale undergraduate organization and a state-licensed EMS agency, providing regularly scheduled EMS standby coverage to the Yale campus as a part of Yale Health. As an EMS agency, we operate under the Yale New Haven Sponsor Hospital Program with medical direction from Yale Emergency Medicine. YEMS members are Yale students who hold Connecticut state certification at the EMT level or higher, and YEMS is managed by an executive board with guidance from its Board of Advisers.

YEMS provides standby EMS coverage to the Yale community at a large number of Yale athletic and campus events. YEMS is a standby EMS service and does not transport patients; however, our crews are equipped to provide full BLS-level emergency care on scene and maintain constant radio contact with Yale Security, through which our crews can request a paramedic from New Haven FD, Allingtown FD, or AMR and/or a transporting ambulance from New Haven AMR for cases in which a patient requires transport to the hospital. YEMS crews are also equipped to contact MEDCOM for direct medical oversight from a sponsor hospital physician. In addition to providing emergency medical care, YEMS provides training and certification programs to the Yale community, including a semester-long EMT certification class each spring and fall as well as regularly scheduled CPR and AED classes.

EMT Certification Class

Yale EMS is proud to offer an EMT certification class for Yale undergraduate and graduate students only. A brief, mandatory informational meeting for the course takes place at the beginning of the semester. Information about the class and how to apply for scholarships will be shared at that time. The course meets twice a week throughout the semester, and will be conducted in person for Spring 2024.

If you have any questions, please direct them to felix.fein@yale.edu

CPR/First Aid Classes

Yale EMS has certified instructors available to teach CPR and/or First Aid classes. Email felix.fein@yale.edu for more information on scheduling or joining a class.

Joining Yale EMS

Yale EMS offers many opportunities for students to practice clinical skills while working as paid EMTs. Students can sign up for EMS shifts covering sports games and other university events as well as help instruct the EMT certification class. Visit the Membership tab for detailed information.

High Schoolers Interested in YEMS

Want to get a head start prior to YEMS? Opportunities for high schoolers include:

  • Taking an EMT course over the summer
  • Becoming CPR certified (American Heart Association preferred)
  • Becoming a CPR Instructor